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Contradiction-Oriented Innovation Strategy


WOIS - Contradiction-Oriented Innovation Strategy

The world is in upheaval and today’s strategies are no longer working. Nevertheless, our unique WOIS approach will create astonishing solutions for you. Our expertise is based on more than 150 successful projects with 60 clients in highly diverse industries since 1993. We are visionary Innovators who accelerate the future and break the limits of the status quo by contradiction oriented thinking. For us contradictions aren’t barriers but THE basis for innovation and radical break throughs.

Together with you we create customized roadmaps towards your future. We will fight alongside you to turn them into reality. WOIS drives transformations that align your companies mindset, culture as well as the entire strategy with future opportunities. Innovation is our passion, your sustainable success is our mission, a long-lasting partnership is our aspiration.

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Dream Big!

Is your business model future viable? Are your pastures already grazed? What are your biggest challenges for the future?

WOIS Innomorphosis = Innovation & Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis in nature is a surprising radical transformation of an organism that still maintains its identity.

Innomorphosis combines your analytical creativity with tools for strategic orientation.

Take the courage to challenge your successes of today and conquer new pastures of the future.

Break the rules!

New innovation directions often seem to be unreachable from today's perspective. But we follow the tenet - If it seems to be impossible it is a good starting point.

Illogicality is the logic of innovation. With contradiction oriented thinking we deliberately overcome developmental barriers and create disruptions.

In doing so, we turn over the success factors of an industry and design new business models. Become a proactive innovator and shape the successes of your future with us.

Create your Future!

Innovators face the future not by continuing today’s success pattern. Leadership requires agility in the business model based on a systematic innovation strategy.

This enables you to identify the most promising innovation directions. Tools for strategic orientation raise the argumentation strength and prognosis reliability for the future!

We transfer your business model successfully into the future and synchronize the different parts of your company. Overtake the competition and redesign your future!

Clients that trust in us and create the future with us.

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