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The world is in upheaval. Currently fruitful strategies will no longer remain the basis for future success. Nevertheless, our unique WOIS approach will create astonishing solutions for you.

Innovations for strategies and business models

Even traditional industries are affected by disruptive changes. New business models undermine proven success paths of industries.

We make your strategy fit for the future. Together with you and your experts we work out the basis of your future success. Based on 25 years of experience in innovation, we know the patterns behind radical innovation leaps. By applying our unique innovation method and systematic lateral thinking, we dig for the hidden nuggets in your business, that are currently still invisible to you and your competition.

With us you will securely navigate through the complexities of future developments. Together we will develop strong arguments and strong forecasts for your strategic decisions towards the future.

Innovations for products and processes

Usually today’s products and processes are highly optimized. They already reach performance limits. With great difficulties, last performance and cost reduction potentials are squeezed out of existing solutions.

We support you escaping this treadmill. Create new USPs and outpace the competition. Accomplish higher profit margins while finding seemingly impossible cost reductions.

Customer surveys are helpful to identify apparent customer demands. Yet, with our patterns of evolution we will additionally anticipate future customer needs. Delight your customers with new products and services.

We identify with you areas of highest potential in your processes and product portfolio. We also unveil new application fields. We can prove from our firsthand experience and our scientific models why such potentials frequently remain invisible or underestimated.

Developing new business fields

Is your market saturated? Do you look for new opportunities to expand your business? Are your lucrative markets shrinking? Is your business expanding and necessitates means to master increasing complexity?

With us you find new business models for future markets and additional application fields. Conquer undiscovered blue oceans while your competition is still fishing in the red ones. We create with you the right customer value for your future markets. Innovate your value propositions!

Customer surveys are helpful to identify apparent customer demands. Yet, with our patterns of evolution we will additionally anticipate the customer needs of the future. Tap your future business opportunities.

We help you to master the complexity of expanding and globalising your business.

Inno-Check With our Inno-Check you will identify your biggest innovation opportunities.

You desire an innovation program tailormade for you? Our Inno Check will help. Not only identifying the most suitable approach for your situation, but already creating first new ideas and innovative directions.

Clients that trust in us and create the future with us.

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